If you are considering purchasing a home, a report for your insurance company , or just a general maintenance inspection, having a roof inspected is a good idea.

A roof inspection includes a roofing professional physically and visually inspecting the roof.  Our roof inspection includes thorough evaluations of the entire roof and gutters.

A detailed roof report is provided, which includes the type of roof and color, any area with repairs needed or notes regarding the roof, approximate life remaining, if repairs are needed, a description of the repairs that will be completed and the cost will be included.

The fee for a roof inspection is $100.00

Why choose Regional Roofing for your next roof inspection?

  • We perform a full inspection.  We walk the entire roof and perform a physical inspection – not just a simple visual inspection.
  • We inspect and identify any and all issues on the roof including an overall condition of the roof.
  • We provide a full, written report.
  • Over the many years in business, we have formed great working relationships with local realtors.

Roof inspections are ideal for those looking to buy and sell their homes and for those wanting to evaluate the life of the roof and be proactive on their roofing maintenance.